Jun 17, 2009

Gelato Tour

Part of being in Rome during the summer time a nice refreshment is much needed in the hot weather. Gelato is the perfect snack that will cool down anyone who is feeling over heated. I am going to map out a tour of five gelati places that on can access from various points around Rome!

My tour begins at a gelato shop on Via del Corso (name will be added). Once we leave () you will make a right back onto Via del Corso. Once you come to the end of the street you will want to make a right onto Corso Vittorio Emanuele. You will walk down all the way to the end of Corso Vittorio Emanuele and on your right is the second stop at the gelato place (name will be added). After enjoying a nice gelato you will make a left out onto Corso Vittorio Emanuele again and walk down until you see Via dei Baullari on the right. Via dei Baullari will lead you to Campo de' Fiori. Once you get into Campo de' Fiori you will find Via dei Baullari continued across the way. On Via dei Baullari is a gelati place, Blue Ice, which is a chain throughout Rome. Once you are standing facing Blue Ice we will continue going to the left, straight across the piazza square of Campo de' Fiori continueing on Via dei Baullari. Once getting to the end of the street, you will take a right onto Corso Vittoria Emanuele II. You will cross over to the other side of the street and take a quick left onto Corso del Rinascimento.

Once you take a left you will want to keep an eye out for V. dei Canestrari on your left hand side. Taking a left will lead you to Piazza Navona which will be on your right hand side. This left will take you to the one end of the Piazza. If you walk straight through the piazza all the way to the other end you will find a gelato shop Cafe Mariotti.
After tasting the yummy gelato of your choice you can make your way back to the Corso del Rinascimento and take a left. Once you have taken a left onto this street you will want to keep an eye open for a right turn onto Via Giustiniani which will lead you to the Pantheon or Piazza della Rotonda. Once you enter into the Piazza you will see side streets to your left that will lead you to the street V.D. Colonnelle. V.D. Colonnelle offers a gelato place called San Crispino on the right hand side. Upon entering San Crispino on the right you will see a chalk board with flavors that "marry well" meaning that those flavors go well together. San Crispino does not offer visual sight of each flavor, instead keeping them in covered metal bins in the window. Once enjoying a nice gelato you will move back out onto V.D. Colonnelle making a right. Make a left onto V. del Collegio Capranica. Once rounding a corner you will then want to make a right onto a side street called Guardiola. At the end of this street you will make a right onto Via D. Uffici D. Vicario.

Finally, Giolitti will be on your right hand side where you can try the famous gelato that is talked up by most. I have been to Giolitti before and it was very good. You first pay for the gelato and then you go up and order your flavors!
This tour is filled with gelati places that all offer great flavors. I chose this tour because I love gelato. Almost every flavor I have tried offers a true flavor and is a great refreshment. I hope everyone has the chance to try these gelato places as I have over the past five weeks!

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